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SKILL BUILDING: Case Study: "Mark43" with HBS Professor Tom Eisenmann

For HBS Alumni only.  Register here

Professor Eisenmann will teach a case on scaling priorities for Mark43, an NYC-based Series B startup that provides software for law enforcement agencies. The case asks whether Mark43 should bid on a RFP to build software for the Los Angeles Police Department. On the one hand, LAPD would be a huge and influential customer. On the other hand, serving LAPD would consume most of Mark43’s engineering resources for the coming year, pushing other business development opportunities off their roadmap.

Thomas R. Eisenmann is the Howard H. Stevenson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and Faculty Co-Chair of the HBS Rock Center for Entrepreneurship. Eisenmann teaches the MBA elective course Scaling Technology Ventures and leads a January Term Startup Bootcamp for first-year MBAs.  In recent years, Eisenmann has served as Chair of Harvard's MBA Elective Curriculum—the second year of the MBA Program—and as course head of The Entrepreneurial Manager, taught to all 900 first-year MBA students. He was co-creator of the MBA elective field courses Product Management 101, in which students specify and supervise development of a software application, and Entrepreneurial Sales & Marketing, in which project teams take actions to help a startup acquire customers.  Eisenmann also created the MBA electives Launching Technology Ventures, which examines challenges confronting early stage startups in the information technology sector, and Managing Networked Business (now called The Online Economy), which surveys strategies for platform-based businesses that leverage network effects. He twice co-led a Harvard Innovation Lab course, Cultural Entrepreneurship in New York City, in which students from across Harvard spent a winter break week in New York exploring new ventures in fashion, food, and fine arts, and co-led four similar winter break trips to Silicon Valley.