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CONNECTING: Office Hours with Frank A.Y. Wang, Athena Capital

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HBS alums, sign up to sit down one-on-one with Frank.  Having seen 5,000 public/private companies/business cases in the past 21 years in the US and Asia, he can advise on a diverse range of topics. 

Frank graduated from Columbia Engineering with both a BS degree in Electrical Engineering, and a MS degree in Operations.  Post Columbia, Frank started his career as Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street in 1996. His team was voted by Greenwich survey as America’s best Technology Investment Research team. In 1999, Frank joined Citigroup Global Assets Management and started Asian Technology investment research. In 2000, Frank returned to Taiwan and helped to start a venture capital firm Grand Capital Group. In 2002, Frank re-joined the investment bank and worked for Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley (2004) as an Executive Director. Frank and his team were voted by Institutional Investor survey as top Taiwan Strategist, Semiconductor, and Software Analyst in Asia.