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SKILL BUILDING: Lunch and Learn on "How to Set Up Your Company for Successful Exit" with Lance Podell, MBA 1992, Director, Global Head of YouTube Spaces

For HBS Alumni only.  Click HERE to register.

Lance Podell is the Director and Global Head of YouTube Spaces, a team focused on advancing the YouTube platform by engaging with creators and content partners to stimulate innovation and improve channel development, collaborate with each other, and broadcast success for other creators to emulate. Podell’s team guides creators and content partners to innovate via the resources and support of his global team, surfaces what works to the entire YouTube ecosystem, and builds YouTube communities locally and globally.  To accomplish this Podell is responsible for the design, development and management of the production, programming and community facilities currently in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Mumbai, Sao Paulo (Rio and Dubai to open this year).   He also leads a team of experts focused on creative experience and creator and programming experimentation (Creator Lab).   Podell’s group guides many vertical programmers (“YouTubers”/channels) on the YouTube platform to experiment, create and optimize programming slates and formats.  He provides early feedback and direction to the product team and develops the curriculum and programming activities for industry marketing sponsorships such as Sundance, SXSW and others.  His team works closely with the Entertainment, Music, Gaming, Kids, Marketing, Policy and Originals teams to engender stronger programming in YouTube’s key business units.

Podell’s prior company, Next New Networks was acquired by YouTube in March, 2011.  Podell was the Chairman and CEO of Next New Networks, a venture-backed online video company that distributed some of the most popular TV-like programming across the Web, especially on YouTube. Next New Networks was the first multichannel network (MCN) on the Web and was responsible for advancing well over 150 YouTube channels from thousands of views per episode to millions of views per episode.

Podell brings to YouTube over 30 years of experience at the intersection of content and advertising.  He has been on the forefront of evolving ad models on the Web via both Fortune 500 companies in publishing and advertising and leading edge web start-ups.  History includes:  Chiat/Day, Ogilvy & Mather, Digitas, Time Inc, Conde Nast, Primedia,, Seevast and (Publishers Clearing House).  In particular, when Podell served as general manager of Sprinks (Primedia), where he was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, and most notably, for the innovation of sponsored links on the Web's content pages his work resulted in the sale of Sprinks to Google.  His early work at Ogilvy & Mather was instrumental in bringing Amex customer relationships online and resulted in the first time consumers could pay their charge card bill online and read related travel planning information from brands such as Fodors/Frommers before material was even digitized.

Podell holds a A.B. from Lafayette College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.  He lives in New Jersey with his wife of 22 years and his three children 19, 17and 12.

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