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SKILL BUILDING: "Medici Tools and Techniques" with The Medici Group, Founded by Frans Johansson, MBA 2000

CANCELED.  Rescheduled date TBD.

In this session the participants experience and learn a couple of repeatable tools and techniques that enables them to be more innovative and agile in quick, easy and engaging ways. They will learn how to:

  • Lead more effective meetings
  • Cross-pollinate experiences in the organization
  • Generate innovative ideas and solutions quickly
  • Avoid group think
  • Make individuals more engaged

The Medici Group helps clients learn how to innovate—and do this at full speed—by harnessing a secret weapon unique to only their organization: the diversity of their people. Our approach is based on the thought leadership of our founder and CEO Frans Johansson, whose ideas on innovation, leadership and success, and diversity and inclusion have inspired thousands worldwide. The Medici Group has combined Johansson's ideas from THE MEDICI EFFECT (HBS Press, 2004) and THE CLICK MOMENT (Penguin Portfolio, 2012) into a system that completely rewrites the rules for how individuals and teams interact, collaborate, and execute past failure and with minimal resources to drive innovation.